Our wedding

{22nd March}

Married at home affairs! While waiting for Ani and
Craig to arrive, Mum organised a bouquet so it felt a little more
wedding-y in the office! 

Mum and Ani organising lunch for those helping set up at the Old House.

Craig, Martin (wearing Ani's glasses...) and Malcolm...
such an incredible set-up team we couldn't have done without! 

Malcolm stringing glass crystals onto the
lanterns for over our dance-floor. (as a chemist he
 has a problem with the use of the term "crystal" in this context...) 

the wedding newspapers, put together by mum and daddy,
with so many thoughtful contributions... such a treasure! 

{23rd March}

 Photos by the most amazing and lovely Cara-Lee Gevers

Many people said that Malcolm was the calmest
 groom they've ever seen. 
(I also think he's the handsomest!)

Ruby inspecting my things... 

putting on mum's wedding shoes.
And this time I wasn't a little girl playing dress-up!

Mum putting on the heirloom locket.

My daddy.

The reason I love this photo, sitting outside Granny's cottage,
is because I'm looking over at Mum,  Daddy, Ani and Cara putting
my things in the car and making sure everything is okay... they were so wonderful. 

Malcolm waiting...

Me arriving... 
Last touches....
Hugging daddy at the alter.

Malcolm's parents :) 

The eShowe Lutheran Church

Can you tell that I'm happy to marry him? I think Jeremy
 had just referred to Malcolm as a "tungsten hunk"... 

The first kiss!


This moment was as perfect as I'd imagined.

Cara, Ani and I

Martin, Malcolm, and Craig

The guest-book table

Our cake... baked with love by Mum and the top layer by Granny <3

Our tables

I love how these centre-pieces turned out!

The old house
(the photo was taken in the early morning... isn't the light beautiful?

Home-baked cookies.

Daddy's toast 
Let them eat cake!

My dress got so many crumbs and petals down the front... consider that when designing your dress!

a sneak-away photo during the reception.

Our first dance... one of the most special moments of the day.
A dream-come-true dancing under a tree with my husband <3

A good end to a first dance.

And kicking my shoes off for the second...

my psycho-happy-married-face!

leaving our reception with the well wishes of all our guests <3

I love this man! 

For more details on our wedding: 

{23-26 March}
Our honeymoon at Leopard mountain and in Morningside, Durban.

Driving out of eShowe

stopping along the way for a
break in the 3 hour drive! 

Relaxing in the hammock on our veranda.

Our lunch-time picnic

Waiting for an afternoon game drive.

Out on a morning drive, stopping for coffee. 

Getting ready to go out for dinner
Dinner at the harbour, where we went for our first date, and now our first date as a married couple.

Breakfast at the Chateax Gateaux.
Changing my name on facebook! 

Getting home to this... surprised by roses, chocolates and a sign <3

Check out Cara-Lee's video of our photos here:


  1. Your dress really looks perfect on you! I'd love to see a detailed post about your wedding newspaper - I bet they were very sentimental! Okay, and fav pictures: you guys walking through the yellow petals, the one of your ceremony from up high in the adorable quaint church, and the one wearing his jacket! Just adorable...and I love that grey and blue pot that you have the sunflowers in. That is so unique!

    1. Aw thanks! The lady who made it for me really did an amazing job... I was so unsure what I wanted but knew that I hadn't found it anywhere. The newspaper was such fun to read through, and holds so many special memories and messages from friends... I'll definitely write about it soon!
      About the photos, thanks! I loved seeing the yellow petals up against the blue sky! It's just a pity that the weather was being a bit weird and the sun was first too bright, and then it hid away and it became really gusty. The pot that we used is from my grandparents, and because my mum has so many we used them as centre pieces - they're so special to me! And sunflowers? My favorite, and an easy choice :D

  2. Wow Erica! You were one on the prettiest brides I have ever seen. I totally teared up reading this! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out!

    1. Aww thank you, that's so sweet of you to say! :)

  3. These are such lovely photographs...love radiates from every one of them. Your dress was so pretty and delicate! Wishing you many, many, many and many more years of happiness in your marriage! x

  4. Your wedding photos are really fun. I had great time watching these pictures. Well, I am also tying wedding knot soon at one of my favorite destination New York wedding venues. It will be a destination ceremony and we just can’t wait for our big day.