Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Final Post

4 years ago we landed in Germany. We really didn't have a clue as to what awaited us or what we should expect. I put my life on pause, expecting to be here for 3 years and then go back to SA, press "play" and continue as we were. 
Emotionally, I had not prepared myself for the change. I knew it'd be different... in a different country and with some home-sickness, but culture shock? I was surprised. I think this blog has shown my experience of the different phases quite perfectly, without me realising it at the time. 
This blog has served me well... it started as a way to share what we were experiencing with friends and family back at home, if they were interested. It became a place where I wrote to hold onto memories. It gave me a space to figure things out, try to put into words what I could otherwise only express in tears. I had something to do with all the thousands of photos I took. This blog lead me into the blogging world, where I started reading the blogs of others who were in similar situations, or women who I could relate to in one way or another. It made those first months so much less lonely. It let people I met here get to know me a little better, gave them a glimpse of who I am when I'm not fumbling through German. 
But, this chapter is ending. My memories are stored on paper these days, where I can write unfiltered, record things that don't need to be shared with the internet. The name just doesn't fit anymore, as my focus is no longer on the fact that we aren't at home - especially since our daughter is now living in her home country. Somehow, this space just doesn't feel like mine anymore. 
So I'll see what I do with it - if I remove some or all of the posts, or if I leave it here, a testimony of the journey we've been on, the prayers that were answered. I'll probably start something new, sometime, but that may take a while. 
For this blog though, this is the last post.
A big THANK YOU to those who joined me in this space... we'll see each other on \facebook, instagram, another blog, or real life :)

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