Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our (teeny tiny) Baby Nook

I mentioned previously, that we decided to use our tiny "Abstellkammer" or storage room/closet (1.2m x 1.6m) for our baby's things. She'll sleep in our room, but clothes and all other baby-related things belong in their own special place. 
Honestly, it made me a little sad when I thought that we'd have no 'special' place for our child. I mean, Harry Potter grew up in the cupboard under the stairs, but I wasn't convinced. 
However, when I came across the various tiny nurseries and tiny baby nooks, I realised that we have all we need. Many hours were spent sitting on the couch, watching one series or another, with my concentration actually on the tiny room I wanted to transform. 

So this is what we started with: 

Except there was an old, rickety shelf in there that we had borrowed ages ago. I only thought to take a photo after the shelf was returned. Ironing board, iron, clothes drying rack, boxes, hardware stuff, paper recycling, suitcases... so much stuff was stored in there. But, we managed to find new homes for stuff and clear out everything except the suitcases, ironing board and drying rack (which are hidden away. 

The first step was to buy a bookshelf on Amazon (because Ikea's delivery charges...). We also got given a light pink changing pad. I bought sheets and cut them up and sewed them to make changing pad covers (tutorial here) and fitted sheets for the tiny bassinet mattress. 

In the shelf we hung up a rod for tiny clothes to be hung up, 
We searched for tension rods and finally bought one, but after a few days it fell down. It was a Sunday night when we realised we'd need a new solution, so, not wanting to spend more money, we went for a walk to see what people had thrown out and if we couldn't find a broom or rod or pipe of some kind. At the first pile of Sperrmüll, we found PVC pipes, which were just perfect! So Malcolm cut it to size and screwed it in from either side. 

We went to the hardware store and bought a big shelf plank, which they cut to the dimensions we needed, which also made it easier to carry home in the bus ;) 
Malcolm screwed it all together and attached a block to the wall for one end to rest on. 
Friends went to Ikea and kindly bought us stuff - the little grey lamp and the drawer dividers which organise the shelves. 

We ordered these yellow boxes, which fit perfectly, and I love how they brighten up the room and keep nappies and blankets and stuff stashed away. 
I also sewed a curtain to block off the suitcases (which are also used to store more luggage and boxes of baby clothes in the sizes we don't need yet) and bought a white plastic basket to hold small amounts of laundry. 

In the drawer of the white cupboard (which we took out of the kitchen when we first moved in, to make space for a washing machine), there are all sorts of nappy-changing things and samples and bits and pieces. I don't yet know how to organise them, since I'm clueless, but once we see how things work, it'll be better :) 
Socks are also stored here because I can't figure out what size any of them are...
In the bottom part of the cupboard, there are more boxes of clothes and space for boxes of nappies.

After Malcolm fixed a rather large crack running up the wall, 
the final touches were really just decor... 
A friend gave us this moon shaped music-thing (it's called a Spieluhr in German, in English... no idea) which plays the prettiest tune, and another friend made this cute canvas with a giraffe on it. 

Malcolm painted sweet little animals too...

And I wrote out a favourite verse (and forgot punctuation and the scripture reference - Lamentations 3:22-23) 

And of course, since teddy isn't allowed in the bassinet, she's also chilling in the baby-nook, along with the giant baby blanket we crocheted :) 

All in all, I'm really pleased with how our project turned out. 
Time will tell how practical it really is, but I'm so glad that we've been able to make a tiny little spot for our daughter's things. Sure, I don't get to sit in a rocking chair in her nursery, reading her stories in utero, contemplating the future, but that's probably overrated anyway ;) 

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