Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pregnant! Trimester #3

The final trimester suddenly arrived, along with the aches and pains that articles warned me about. But it's been the most exciting trimester, getting things ready for our little one to join us on this side of my womb! 

6 weeks before my due-date, I had my last day of work as mutterschutz kicked in and maternity leave started. This gives me a lot more time, though I firmly believe that it's a fair amount of time to give a distracted and confused mother-to-be to fill in all the paper-work in preparation. 

I was hoping I'd have a stronger nesting instinct and that our place would be sparkling. But it comes in waves every now and then and I did suddenly wash the windows one day, and getting a new vacuum cleaner sent me on a dust-busting rampage. But mostly it's been the shopping, creating and organising kind of nesting. 
We finally finished the baby-nook, I did some sewing projects, we bought our daughter a teddy bear (after much hunting), and I organised and washed baby clothes 
(friends have been SO. GENEROUS. When it comes to baby clothes, I think I've bought 4 onesies, 4 pyjamas, and a dress... everything else has been given to us. See how nicely God is already looking after and providing for our little one? Oh AND, maternity clothes: I have bought one pair of pants and a coat, off ebay, the rest is clothes that I've either been given or lent by friends. How amazing are my friends?!)

I was also suuuuper surprised by friends organising a baby shower for me. Baby showers do not typically happen in Germany, so I was completely surprised and felt just so spoiled - though the first hour I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself as I was still in shock ;) But that deserves a blog post of it's own! (coming soon...) :)

As things are nearly ready for our daughter, we've also been putting lots of though into what she should be called. We managed to narrow our list down to 3 names (and decided that we'll have to have at least 3 daughters because we love all 3 names so much...) so I met with a friend for a top-secret-name-discussion to discuss our top 3 choices from a German perspective. Talking to her gave me a lot of reassurance, and gave us some things to consider.
We're still undecided. 

I've also been trying to soak up these last weeks of being pregnant. I've been so fortunate with no heart burn, muscle cramps, other common symptoms... let's hope it stays like that! Towards the end of the second trimester and start of the third I had really bad hip pain. I ran to catch a bus one day, and felt like a cripple the next day. Most exercise left my hips aching that I would wake up at night from the pain of moving my legs. That has meant that I haven't been nearly as active as I had hoped, but with moderate amounts of activity it hasn't been an issue in a long time. I've had some pretty bad upper-back pain, but that's actually got a LOT better in the last month. Now it's my lower back that hurts if I walk a lot, and my stomach gets sore if I'm really active, but this is really only if it's a lot. In the Black Forest on holiday I'd often feel quite sore in the evenings after walking a lot, but since getting back to Marburg I've taken it a bit easier (well, except the two weeks where the bus-drivers were striking...). 

Part of soaking up these last weeks has been taking lots of photos, or trying to. Unfortunatly, with my stomach only getting big in Winter, most photos are of me in the same coat over and over again... gets a little boring! But, I've tried to get some in normal clothes, and being pregnant in Winter has also meant it's been very comfortable and cosy :) 

Throughout the pregnancy we've taken photos of my growing tummy (and butt...) every 2 weeks - it's so crazy to see my body change so profoundly, and I look forward to seeing the entire series at the end! 

So how is our little one doing? According to the pregnancy app that I use, she's now the size of a striped skunk. (Malcolm and I have learnt a lot about various animals that our baby has been the size of - Sunday morning ritual is to see what animal she's the size of an then watch a documentary or youtube clip about the animal...)
The doctor compliments our baby all the time, for being the right size and having a nice heart beat and good bones. It makes me feel like quite a proud mom already! The last few ultrasounds have indicated a fair amount of hair, so we're excited to see how much it really is. She's too cramped now to make too much out on ultrasounds now and she often hides her face and the doctor often has had to search for a while to get a profile view of her face. She wiggles around a lot, and I love watching my stomach bulge and wave where she moves.

With just a few more weeks to go, we are SO. EXCITED. to meet her.

Although I'll miss my stomach-table a little bit - it has its convenient moments.

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