Saturday, 30 April 2016


What was up? 

We transformed our balcony from this

To this: 

(And those pots now have shoots poking through! Hoorah!) 

Malcolm saved me from certain death
 by replacing worn-out brake-shoes on my bike. Then he pulled the brake and the cable snapped so he replaced that too. Glad that didn't happen when I was on the road! :D

Malcolm turned 28! Wooooah! 
His birthday was on a Tuesday so we celebrated with friends (and treats) on the weekend.

Not pictured: 
Malcolm has also been super-busy with writing various reports and applying for his funding to be renewed. All that while battling a throat infection. 

I put my glasses that I got for Christmas to good use
 while planning my English course for this semester. 
They say you should "dress for what you want to be", so I tried it. 
I got my course planned. And have a thousand selfies to show for it. 

Do I look like a hard-core lecturer? A leeetle bit intimidating at least? 

Our Internationaler Kreis kicked off for the new semester! 
And we have new flyers! They arrived JUST in time! That was a relief! 

We had some amazing weather. Windows could be opened! 
Spring reminds me how annoying windows in Germany are, since they open inwards... so one has to clear a path to open them, and in some instances watch out that one doesn't walk into it. 
They really are designed to be opened for the recommended 5 minutes twice a day. 

Sunday school in CenTral grew by 3 little kiddies 
who have just become old enough to join us! 
(one not pictured because he was wondering around with the crayons, and the other not pictured because I was carrying her) 
SO cute!  

Spring has brought super-weird weather 
with snow and hail and sunshine. 
Sometimes it's been REALLY cold. And other times it's been perfect. 

That's what April brought -
 May, we're ready for you!