Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Home again

My definition of home has certainly been loosened over the last 2 years - getting married, having Malcolm move into my apartment, moving to Germany to a furnished apartment, moving to Marburg and starting from scratch, suddenly leaving that home, living with friends, with people from our church, in a student residence... saying "I'm going home" came to mean so many different things.

However, we now have a place we can quite simply call home again.

The Wednesday before leaving to SA, after finding out about an apartment for rent in the neighbourhood we lived in before, I called the estate agent and made an appointment to see it. That Saturday we went and had a look at it. It was really nice, and we were pretty sure we wanted to live there. The problem was, we were heading to SA and could then not sign contracts etc. There were a number of factors against us, and others were interested as well. Our chances seemed slim.

We boldly handed in a form saying we want to rent the place, signed papers that confirmed it all if we were chosen, packed our bags and headed to SA for nearly 6 weeks. While we were there, we received and email saying that so far, we were the preferred tenants, but the landlord wanted to know for how long we'd be there. We told her 2 to 2.5 years and hoped that's what she wanted to hear. A week or so passed, and we suddenly saw the flat being advertised online again. My stomach dropped.

I felt uneasy and disheartened. One morning, my stomach turning, Malcolm and I prayed that if God wants us back in Richtsberg, if He wants us in this house, that He should take care of it. We laid it in His hands and left it at that.

Later that morning, while out shopping in eShowe, I got an email. The landlord originally told the estate agent that he should keep looking for somebody else since we weren't long term enough, but that morning she called and told him she changed her mind: she chose us.

I have no idea what made her change her mind. But I'm pretty sure that that was God's answer. His stamp of approval on the commission papers we find in Matthew 28:19. In my mind, it's completely settled that we are in exactly the right place where He wants us.


  1. jon and i have already lived in 5 places together - 5! it definitely makes you think about home a little differently, and i think it also encourages you to work at making somewhere feel like a home. we're renting for another year or so, and then i'm gonna be in heaven when we find a house to make our own :)

  2. Oh, yay!!! So happy for you! It looks like a great new home, congratulations!

  3. Yay!! I'm so glad you get the place you wanted!!!! :-)

  4. This is our 6th place we've lived together in less than 2 years... that just blew my mind! It's so true, though, I find it really important to somehow make a place feel like home, even if it's only temporary.

  5. Thanks :) We're really enjoying it!

  6. Love how the Lord provides! ps: I want to talk to you more about living overseas!!

  7. It is incredible! :D
    ps. Ask away ;)