Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Wedding Flashback: All things Paper

Continuing with my reminiscing of our wedding, as our first anniversary is coming up quickly!
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Today I'm sharing about our invitations, the save-the-date cards, name cards, programs, the guest-book, and our newspaper. Basically, all things paper!

We were so, so fortunate to have Jeena: a friend, former digs-mate, and, if Anabel is my sister-from-another-mother, then Jeena is my sister-in-law too. Despite her not being able to make it to the wedding, she was so instrumental in making the little details beautiful. As a graphic designer, she offered to design the invitations and save-the-date cards, which I would then print, since she lived in another city.
She was amazing to work with, and managed to interpret the kind of style I loved so perfectly.
blue navy and yellow wedding stationary
The Save-the-Date cards were sent out with our wedding website on it, so that guests could already get info about where the wedding would be, without needing to add too much to the card itself.
Navy blue and yellow wedding stationary
Left: The invitation when closed: what isn't shown is the clay 'seal' that was in the middle of the band.
Right: The invitation when opened up. The top rectangle was for the name of the guest. 
The clay seal I mentioned was made by my Landlord at the time, who is an engraver. He made us a brass seal with our monogram, designed by Jeena, on it. We made little white clay disks with our monogram on, and stuck them in the centre of the band on the front of the card.
It was so cool seeing these invitations come together after all the coordination with Jeena. However, they cured me of any future desire to mass-produce cards with so many bits and pieces needing to be measured, cut, folded, glued....

Because Jeena had designed and sent through each element, I was able to quickly put together the seating cards and the programs... which I had sort of forgotten about and needed to do in a hurry.
Navy blue grey and yellow wedding stationary
navy blue and yellow wedding stationary

Apparently there is a German tradition, though not always followed, of having a wedding newspaper. With a father in the newspaper business, and a German mother, it was safe to leave this project in their hands. They compiled a newspaper with the story of how we met, stories about us from our childhoods, tributes from friends who couldn't be there, and adverts for people or businesses who had contributed.

On the front page mum also included a short sms conversation we had had, when Malcolm and I first started dating!
wedding newspaper

Seeing as Malcolm and I got to know each other in a German class, some phrases for others to strike up conversation (and maybe romance) at our wedding seemed appropriate. 
wedding newspaper

The back page was full of photos of Malcolm and I growing up. 
The newspapers turned out beautifully, and while our guests seem to have enjoyed reading them while we had our photos taken, we also enjoyed reading it in the car when we left. It was so special!
Photo on the left and top right by Cara-Lee Gevers. 
Lastly. Our guest-book. This book was an engagement present from Malcolm's parents for us to record our adventures in. So far it records our engagement, our wedding, our first homes, over-night visitors (Petra is the only so far!), and our travels.
Wedding guest book

And, just because I can, the links to those whose adverts were featured in our newspaper.
Sunset Flowers and Functions (Flower arrangements)
Jeena Goosens, Freelance Graphic Designer (Stationary design)
Simply Gorgeous Beauty Salon (make-up and nails)
Cara-Lee Photography (Photography, shoots in SA and Germany!)
Daphne's Hair Salon (hair)
The House Inn Zululand (Reception venue - seriously, check out their before and after photos! We agreed to this as our venue when it was a mess, still being worked on. No regrets at all!)
Inn Zululand Guest Lodge (Road-trip snacks, honeymoon-directions-provider for a disorganised couple, and a safe place to leave our fancy wedding clothes)
The Chase Bed and Breakfast (Photo-venue)
De Jager's Engravers (brass seal, emergency ring adjustments organiser)
Solo Music Events (live music, sound system)
Ruby Rose dress making and alterations (my dress)
Ilona Andrews (pottery)
Fiona Upfold, Gladys and eShowe High School hospitality Pupils (catering)


  1. I am so in love with that wedding newspaper!! Amazing. Okay, well, we're part Dutch, and Dutch is slightly similar to German (I hear, at least, there are some similarities between words), is that a good enough excuse for me to put together a wedding newspaper for all of my little siblings when they get married?? Because I really want to!

  2. I agree with Rachel below...the newspaper idea is a wonderful tradition! What a wonderful way to keep guests entertained and for partners of guests (and maybe even some friends) to get to know you both a bit better. How wonderful that you had your parents could be the ones to take over that for you :) x

  3. I say anything goes! Also when I was looking into it, I noticed that some people do it for the fun of it regardless of culture :) I love the idea though, as the speeches, or parts of them, were also printed, so we can actually remember them!
    My parents' wedding newspaper had poems about them and songs rewritten that everybody sang at the reception. German weddings, from what I've seen and heard, involve skits and songs and performances at the reception, which sounds fun!

  4. Absolutely! We both don't know each others extended families very well, so I think it was nice for them to be able to read a little about us. And yes, I had some ideas for it, but it's meant to be the family that puts it together which definitely helped my stress levels remain low. It also meant I didn't have to go around asking people to write nice things about me ;) Plus, it was a nice surprise on the day to see what was actually in it!

  5. such lovely details- you're so lucky to have such a talented friend :) i love that newspaper -- a perfect keepsake :)

  6. She was so sweet to do it all for us! And the newspaper is great to keep, especially since it's easily stored :)