Monday, 19 August 2013

The weekend of... wedding celebrations!!!

Hooray! Anabel and Savio are married!!! :D This makes my heart SO happy!

Of course, I wasn't there, but it was certainly the highlight of our weekend and we definitely celebrated all the way over here. I'm SO thankful that the venue chosen had a live-stream from the chapel, and from what Ani has told me about the place, and my mum told me since attending, it really is a fantastic venue to get married.

Anyway, seeing as I could watch the ceremony, I Googled ideas of how to celebrate a wedding you're not attending, and nothing came up. So, here's my guide :

1. Dress up. 
One cannot watch a wedding in PJs.

2. Glue yourself to the live stream...
Feel like a stalker watching the groom arrive, the pastor walk around, the sound guy set up, guests filter in, your dad taking photos. (isn't this place beautiful?! It has a panoramic view of the lake!)

3. Tweet and Facebook message the venue to ask them to turn their other cameras on. 
They'll say they only have one. But why is there the option for 3 cameras on the "chapel" stream but two say "disconnected"? I was really disappointed by the venue's live stream; they market themselves as the first SA venue to have the option and say that "Friends and family will be able to enjoy every moment, from you arriving at the chapel, walking down the aisle, or the moment you say “I do”. The “WEDCAM” provides live video streaming, with sound, via the internet."
Well, no, not really. No sound, and the video stream was sooo stilted that one minute Ani was at the back of the isle, and the next she was standing at the front. Maybe it was something I did wrong but QuickTime works perfectly and Malcolm and I tried everything and nothing helped. At least the images were pretty clear.

4. Ooh and Aah anyway
Watch your friend walk in with her dad, freak out a bit about how beautiful she looks. Witness the vows and the ring-exchange, and that magical first kiss!  

5. Eat cookies
Because you can. And they're heart-shaped, so totally appropriate. 

6. Feel really bleak when it's all over
As they walk out, you realise that that's as much as you're going to see, they're off to celebrate and you cannot give a huge hug outside. (But they're MARRIIIIIIIIED!!! :D)

7.Cheer up when you watch people like a stalker again
My parents came back in to take a few photos of the decor (they sent me the most beautiful photos yesterday!), and I really wanted to wave at them and say "Hi!!". Then some others came in to pose on the pews for some photos. I felt like a creeper, but it was fun.

8. Explore the venue a bit. 
After visiting the venue's website, find other cameras that you can access... like the one that shows the "amazing view from the glass deck". Turns out of the four camera options available, the back alley with chickens is the only one that works. 

9. Get out the house and celebrate by yourselves
Because seriously, no amount of funny youtube videos of cats is going to live up to the happiness you feel for your friend!

10. Drink a toast to the newly weds! 
Feel extra German by making it a beer. 

11. Go to McD's
Because you really want their chips. And because you celebrated Martin's graduation, your 21sts, the UKZN Oscars, and a whole lot of other things with an after-party with Ronald, so it seems appropriate to go there. 

12. Go home and cook a wedding-y meal
Spaghetti and Meatballs seems the most romantic meal to me (Because of Lady and the Tramp of course!) and a heart-shaped piece of cheese adds that finishing touch, don't you think? (although I'd never suggest it for a wedding because of how white clothes attract the sauce, but it totally works at home.) For dessert, heart-shaped cookies and walnut icecream. Oh yes. 

And that conclude my guide. Not too shabby? :) It was weird not actually being there, but it was great being able to keep up to date, feel a little part of it, and see what was going on... and then of course see photos of Facebook! What would I do without the technology that keeps us all connected?! 

I hope everybody at the wedding had the most amazing time, I heard that the reception was loads of fun (and the decor and everything was GORGEOUS!!!), and that everybody had a wonderful weekend! Ready for Monday! :)


  1. wait. live streaming the wedding?! that is fantastic!!

    1. It's genius right? The venue set it up earlier this year - could do with some improving but it's SUCH a great idea, with families so spread out these days it's definitely an advantage!

  2. How wonderful that you were able to watch the wedding. It's nothing like being there but I'm sure it helped some. :-)

  3. That is so awesome that you got to watch the wedding on webcam!! I'm so happy that you got to do that, after reading how much the bride means to you! And how cute to celebrate in your own little way! =)

    You are so gorgeous! I love your hair!!

    1. I'm SO glad we could, and at least when I think back to their wedding it'll be happy thoughts, not just me and a tub of icecream!
      Thanks for the hair-compliment... I've just been going through a series of "I miss my long hair" days, so that means a lot :)

  4. Hey, that's still pretty cool! Even with a few technological difficulties. We thought about trying to set up a computer and use Skype so that my parents could have watched my wedding, but in the end we decided that it would cause more problems than it was worth, especially considering the quality of internet service at the church we married in. So we just had our photographers take 1,000 pictures to send to my parents instead. :P

    The Random Writings of Rachel

    1. Hi :) The technical difficulties were overlook-able in comparison to not seeing anything! :D We wanted to do the same for Malcolm's grandparents who couldn't come to ours, but you're right, it's really tricky and a lot of hassle getting it to run smoothly. We ended up putting our wedding clothes back on and visiting them a few weeks later :)

  5. That is so cool that they could stream their wedding so you could see it! I'm just in love with that!

    We wished we could have set a web cam up for our wedding to invite our friends who currently lived abroad - but the lodge didn't have internet and we already had full plates that day!

    1. I know right? Such a great idea from the venue! We also considered something like that, but, as you say, it would've been just another thing to organise on the day... probably would've been worth it though, now that I think about it :)

  6. I also saw the chicken! I found the website and looked well after the wedding just to see how it works and that 'outside' camera view is so weird! Why chose that view as the second view for everyone to see the rubbish dump and a scrawny chicken? But rest of the venue and the chapel look beautiful. Waiting for FB pictures :)

    1. Haha... so you saw how stilted the images are?? And yeah, I'm not sure if I believe them about there only being one camera available, because they said the the other two aren't for the chapel, but they still say "chapel" at the top of the screen and the outside ones say "outside"... so I duno... I wish they were a little more clear. I sent them a message on their facebook link though and told them about their chicken-cam, so we'll see what comes of it ;)

  7. Haha, I loved this post, Erica! It really brought a smile on my face! :) i'm glad that you got to witness your friend's wedding, even if it was only on livestream. But it's so amazing that that's actually possible these days! :)

    1. Isn't it wonderful?! Who would've thought it possible even 10 years ago??