Friday, 5 July 2013

05 July - Excitement

Super-fun, super-tiring day!

Malcolm and his class had a fun time involving much sugar and yumminess because it's one of the girls in the class (I have no idea where to put the possessive apostrophe there??) birthday!

It was a nice break for Malcolm and his class, who've been trying to get their heads around dative vs. accusative. Oh German... 

I headed to Shildergasse Strasse to check out what's on sale here (just about everything), but it wasn't much fun. I can deal with not having money to buy stuff, but then I at least need to squeal over pretty things with somebody. Girls, come visit soon??? :D 

So I gave up on that and headed to the CDC to meet Malcolm. We headed off to a market that he'd been to previously, but unfortunately it was packing up when we got there. There were still some veggies out... but it smelled like fish. A lot. So we moved on swiftly. 

The area was very pretty, and we went back onto the main street lined with shops. We finally found where people buy their wrapping paper and pens, and coat hangers, and just general stuff. Four floors of clothes, stationary and home-y things... and at the top? TOYS! I love looking at toys, and I'm so glad that it's something Malcolm and I have in common!! 

just part of the spectacular variety of toys :D 

Lots of smurfs... flashback to my childhood!

We went into a few other shops too... and discovered things that just seem quirky and different. You know how in exclusive books we get cards and keyrings etc...? In this bookshop they had that AND a stand with loads of different breakfast platters...? They were all really cute though, and I wouldn't mind eating breakfast off a little platter like these :D

At the last stop I found some baking tins for a really great price, so I bought them (and Malcolm carried them all the way home... very sweet of him!). I especially needed them because tomorrow Ruth is coming over and we're going to bake a cake together :) 

On the way home, we stopped off for milk, and some chocolate milk, and walked home... 
Don't want to mess with this hardcore husband of mine! 

This evening, after LOTS of frustrating research and checking back and forth, and lots of weighing things up we... 

Can you tell how excited I am??? SO excited! I'll be in Paris for my Birthday!!! :D

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