Sunday, 23 June 2013

23 June - love in Cologne

We've been married a whole three months! Hooray! In a celebratory mood despite the gusty, cold and drizzly weather (which was forecast for the rest of the day too), Malcolm and I set off to enjoy the city :)

We walked about a km to the UBahn because the buses only start running late morning/afternoon in our area. After waiting just a little we took the tram to the main station...
waiting for the tram... 
We got off at Koln Messe-Deutz, and decided to walk along the bridge over the Rhein. Along the way we saw a man-on-a-horse-statue, which was pretty impressive. There are 4 very similar statues in the area, but one is Emperor Wilhelm II, another is Emperor Wilhelm I, the third is Emperor Friedrich III and the fourth is King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.
The statue of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV

The weather turned in our favour and the view was really beautiful from the bridge!

The trend of "love locks" spread to this bridge too, and it's railings are covered in all kinds of locks with couples' names written or engraved on, which are attached and the keys thrown into the river. It was really interesting to see all the different kinds of locks and we also saw a couple attaching theirs and tossing the key. We plan to do the same sometime, but we need to find a pad lock first ;)

you can see the Cathedral in the background

When we got to the other side we found that there was a fleamarket all along the bank of the river. Loads of antiques, collectables, clothes, bags... lots of little goodies. We found a copy of Asterix in German which will be cool for us to read because it's easier to understand than a book!
While at the fleamarket it got to lunch-time, so we finally experienced our first German sausage, we had high expectations! 
and our expectations were met! (yes, Malcolm also thought
 I was weird for taking a photo of our lunch.)
 On our way back to the bridge we came across this company and couldn't help but think of SA. However, this is the company that cleans the streets of Cologne, as opposed to being a far-fight separatist movement in South Africa.

It was great just wandering back over the bridge, enjoying the view of the Rhein, thinking how amazing it is to be here, considering how much has changed since our wedding day, and how much hasn't! We got back to the Messe-Deutz station early so we wandered around for a while and found... Lays chips!! (not paprika, but they still taste different to SA's lays... why??)

We also found a photo-booth and decided we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to squish into it together for a picture :D 

After that we still had time and sat around for a while... 

From there we caught the train and then the tram to church (church is at 2pm). Really love the warm and friendly atmosphere there! They needed volunteers to help in the Nursery and, thinking of all the dear kids I looked after at Noah's Park in the North, and all the kiddies I taught ballet, I went along to see if I could help. They only had about 3 people on the roster, and 14 volunteers came along to offer help, but then Sunday school for 3-6year olds also needed help so some of us put our names down there. I have no idea if I'll just be assisting or if I'll be teaching (and if it will be English or German??), but I'm so excited to get involved and serve here, that's if they still need help at all :) We stayed afterwards and chatted so we only left at about 5pm, and then decided to go back to the Aldstadt area to find a restaurant to dine our for our 3 month "mensiversary" (because it's earier to phrase it this way than "0.25 anniversary"!). 

We had to wait ages, about half an hour ;), for the train to come and the wind was really cold on the exposed train-platform.

Malcolm doing the "I'm cold but
 really I'm hot" look ;) 

Despite the cold, it still looked beautiful though!!

We eventually got to the Aldstadt and were faced with the enormous task of choosing a restaurant, knowing that it's a touristy area but not wanting to be completely ripped off, all the while not knowing what a reasonable price is here! There were soooooo many restaurants... 

this was just one of a few squares of restaurants!
Restaurants all around the square! 

we eventually went to the "pfeffermuhler", the only
place in this photo that's in the sunshine :) 

We got the menu and chose some good German food. When we turned to the drinks page we realised why it may be that people here drink so much beer... it's simply the cheapest! So, we gave in and bought beer just because we'd have to pay for water, were terribly thirsty, and it was the cheapest thing on the menu. It tasted better this time than last time, I think because last time we were sharing a coke and a beer and the coke made the beer slightly more bitter than it actually was. Anyway, it was really refreshing and the food was absolutely wunderbar! 

There was another horse statue here! There are statues all over!

After dinner, we were exhausted and my feet were so tired, so we headed home again. This photo is taken at the Ubahn in Mulheim, it was really beautiful.

again, the sky was amazing as we walked back up from the Ubahn... it's constantly changing and because we're not surrounded by hills like we're used to in KZN, it just seems so BIG! 

After the long walk uphill, it was really cool to get
 home! (still weird that this is about 8:30pm??)

... and finally put my feet up and have a block
of chocolate on our balcony :) 

It was a really great day, feeling so happy and so blessed and I really do think I might be the happiest wife in the world.


  1. This sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon!

  2. Aw, this reminds me of when I visited Cologne last month. I need to go back but I also want to hit so many other cities in the next year!
    Sounds like you guys had a lovely day :)

    1. It's such a great city an we're so glad we ended up here - but you're right it's only one of many great cities to visit! :)

  3. I love days like that...and yay another lock bridge! I hope we can to that area one day soon. Thank you for linking up with Belinda and I for #TravelTuesday and I hope to see you again next week!

    1. And yesterday we finally found a lock so we're nearly ready to add ours :D

    2. Oh perfect! We didnt bring one when in Paris and I was gutted. Glad you guys got your lock!

  4. Great place. Love locks on the Rhine River, the Dom Cathedral, Hohenzollern Bridge is a breathtaking sight. Yesterday I visited and shared here.