Saturday, 22 June 2013

22 June

Despite being in this HUGE city full of cool opportunities, the weather today was just so miserable, and with Malcolm working so hard it's nice for him to just be home and for us to hang out... so we mostly stayed inside watching series :)

This morning we went on a mission to try to find popcorn kernals... we've found ready-popped caramel stuff, but we really just would like kernels... which we cannot find. After a Google search of "Popcorn in Germany" we discovered that it does exist, but that our frustration is shared. As is our frustration with what seems to be a paprika-flavour obsession... the cheaper brands of chips (so about 1.4euros) only seem to come in paprika...? Missing Simba!!

However, we can't complain too much... not when the best-valued cookies look like this...
they're tasty and...

provide Malcolm with a mustache and me with
entertainment! :D
Our other mission today was to get into the garage because we couldn't find the key... so we figured it must have been locked inside (one unlocks with a key and the doors automatically open, then to close it when leaving there's a button so one doesn't need the key). To get in we needed to use the back door to the garage, which involved getting into the garden. There are 2 ways to get into the garden; go through the garage OR jump off our balcony. Obviously, we needed to do the latter (and by "we" I mean Malcolm...). It's really not that high, but because the railing has a pane of glass we were scared to break it! But, Malcolm bravely jumped off, got into the garage... and couldn't find the key after all. Turns out the key was in one of my pockets in the laundry basket... oops! But at least we had something to occupy us!

It's also 3 months since our oh-so-ceremonious wedding at Home Affairs, which means that tomorrow we'll have been married for 3 whole months (yes, we're cute to be still counting the months!). Very keen to get out tomorrow and celebrate it :D Holding thumbs for some sunshine! 

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