Tuesday, 23 August 2016

June... July... August...

Oh man, this poor little blog-space of mine. It's terribly neglected. 
I wish it were because we've been so busy with fun things, but actually there's not much going on. Fortunately, a few photos snapped along the way remind me what we've done.

So... JUNE

In KinderClub we had a photo-shooting session with the kids and side-walk chalk. It was fun drawing different things on the floor as props and the kids had fun.

A few of us collected cakes from kind donors and sold them at the market one Saturday. It was fun getting to connect with people we see around but never get to talk to. 

We did a lot of hanging out at home, and finally finished the area by the desk. Somebody went to Ikea and brought the shelf back, but with the wrong brackets, so Malcolm went to Ikea to swap them. Then it took ages for us to finally buy screws for it on the other side of town. Eventually... it was up! And Malcolm drew a series of Ericas for the frame above it :)

We also went out one night to see the "Musik tut Gutes" benefit concert by the Johann-Strauss-Orchester Wiesbaden at the newly opened town hall. It was really cool and the music really good, and it seemed like our few grey hairs gave us license for us to be there ;)

Malcolm worked really hard, as usual. There were a couple Saturdays where he headed into the lab, and I got to be all impressed with his chemistry AND how he looks in a lab coat.

Malcolm also played his first German soccer game for his Chemistry group's team. Sadly, I couldn't go and watch him play, but apparently he did pretty well. It was typically German and he reported a lot of beer being drank afterwards. 


The month began with Malcolm heading to China for a conference. It was a looong journey, but he made it!

While he was away, I had plenty of things to do. I went to a 50th birthday party which was lots of fun, AND THEN, Anabel came to visit for 3 days. 

It was so much fun seeing her again, and getting to see Marburg together. We walked and walked and walked... and laughed and laughed and laughed, and it was SO good. 

Plus, she brought me a ridiculous amount of stuff from SA, so that was a bonus ;) 

After a hurried drive to the train station, it was a rushed goodbye and she jumped onto the train at the last minute. 

It was just a few more days, and Malcolm was back! Hooray! 
He had a really interesting time in Nanjing, and after missing a flight and having his luggage lost on the way there, his flight back was significantly better! 


I think his trip deserves its own post some time, though. 

The semester wrapped up and my class at the language centre wrapped up, and everything in CenTral came to a close for the holiday. 

The first week of the holiday was a busy one with the children's holiday program in CenTral. We had plenty to do with the kids... a walk to a great playground where we spent the afternoon playing, a day doing various workshops, a trip to a crystal-cave and an animal park, and an afternoon at a castle garden picnicking and playing. 

We didn't do too much else... except in the evenings when Malcolm was home and we could go for walks hunting pokemon and eating icecream. 


Honestly, what did we do? We went hung out in the city, hung out with friends, and grilled. Not too much else? 

This last weekend we went to the medieval market in the Castle park. It was fun and quaint and interesting. 

There were things to buy and also things to see and play. 
Like mouse roulette...


Malcolm's archery was pretty good... he may not win the hunger games, but he'd probably survive in a forest lacking predators but rich in game. 

Now Summer is nearly over... it seems to have just flown by without me realising it. But, we'll see what the last days of Summer bring :) 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

May 2016

Let's recap May real quick! 
Ready? Steady? Go!

English course: 
is continuing as normal. 

Happened. With the book Each peach pear plum, and a snack of peach pie. Yum. 
From September it'll be either twice a month, or not at all.

Doing the series "pl√∂tzlich Prinz, pl√∂tzlich Prinzessin" and transformed the room into a throne room using emergency insulation blankets. Yet another use for them. 

Internationaler Kreis: 
We're looking at some of the things that Jesus said he is. The bread, the gate, the good shepherd...
I write the weekly email, which is in both English and German, and I always double check things in Google translate. This made me laugh: 

The cafe, home-work help, and Sunday school... all going on. God's doing amazing stuff, some of it we see, some we don't. 

Work at the SMD: 
There was a conference in the Czech Republic organised by the IFES europe, focused on international student ministry. It was awesome to go, be encouraged, and hear about what other national movements are doing in their ministries. 
There were quite a few of us from Marburg, and Germany in general, and despite the long trip, it was super cool to see the Czech country side and get a glimpse of Prague. Olomouc, where the conference was, was also super pretty! 

Malcolm's Doctorate: 
Malcolm attended a conference for a week in Marburg, which he found mostly interesting. His lab work is going well and I'm always super glad when he comes home with a success story - which isn't that rare. We're waiting to hear if his funding will be continued until March next year, which is fairly certain, but is never guaranteed. 

With mostly good weather, we've ventured out of our apartment more than once this month ;) We took a walk to a cultural festival up at the Spiegelslust tower, then down to the 'harbour festival' (no, Marburg doesn't have a harbour...) where we just hung out, met with friends and had ice-cream. 

Malcolm also got his birthday present from me - a flight over Marburg. He really enjoyed it and I was so glad he took some photos so I could kinda enjoy it with him :)

Other highlights: 

I found this recipe for the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world. 

And we got a package from our parents in SA. Not pictured is some beautiful jewelry and some biltong. 

Yep, our highlights are basically snacks ;) 

AND that our friends had a baby! YAY! Welcome to the world, little one!